Status KHR_texture_basisu support for GLB


so I’m working on ktx2+basisu support for a 3d data processing tool (RapidCompact by DGG3D) and I’ve got a question on the current status for support of GLB with textures via KHR_texture_basisu.

I know that KHR_texture_basisu support is not yet official and the standard not yet finalized. That said, the current version of the sandbox already successfully loads GLTF files with KTX2 textures using basisu, which is awesome! We have some customers already experimenting with that because having a ready sandbox makes it so much easier for them (and us!).

That said, we’ve also added a path to create GLB files using that extension, but those files currently don’t seem to load successfully with the sandbox. It’s possible that we are writing bad GLB files here, but one customer did successfully load a GLB we created for them via some Unity plugin.

I’d just like to know if that is expected at this point? Is there supposed to be GLB + KHR_texture_basisu support or is that simply not in yet? Conversely, if you’re looking for example files we’d be happy to supply some.



Pinging @bghgary