Couple questions about oimo.js wheel joints and motors

Pg there ^^ for ya! With wasd you can steer the wheels in different directions.

First: Why does it freak out when turning? And go all bezerk.
Second: can I motorize the connectedAxis? I am motorizing the mainAxis right now but I want to also motorize the connected. Is it doable?


Hey @Cedric, have you used oimo.js?

And he was helping at other times too.

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Hi @Givo

It’s a mass distribution problem. With a bigger mass difference between the wheels and the frame, it’s more stable. It’s better not far from perfect. But there is still room for improvements with better tweaked values.

I suggest you to use AmmoJS. I think it’s more stable with joints.

Oh, cool. Can I motorize/ stiffen the attached joint too?