Stop hdrTexture Rotation

hope you are all feeling good. I want to use a pbrMaterial and need hdr lightning.
but i would like to have always the same light when i use a arcRotate Camera.
so i would like prevent the enviroment turning around when i rotate them cam.
i thought i can make the " environment rotation = camera rotation "…
but when i try the environment disappear:
or is there a hdrTexture.rotationLimit = 0; or something else?

May anybody can help me? Thank you a lot!

First of all, there is no such property as camera.rotationY.
There is camera.rotation.y, but since you use ArcRotate camera, it has no sense here. You need to use camera.alpha.

Example -

Further, there is no such properties as hdrTexture.rotationX and hdrTexture.rotationZ, so they will not work.
To solve this you may limit camera.beta, if it will suit your needs.
Example -


Thank you. Nice to read you again. I remember your help some time ago. I think you helped again with a short and powerful solution. Will try this on monday. If you have the time to give me a hint where I could have find the arguments, I would try to find this for myself for the next problem :slightly_smiling_face: I have to say the documentation is a bit difficult to handle and brings often a error when you come from Google.

A big thank you for taking the time and the quick answer!

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Would be great to share which one so we can improve on this front ?

I wonder this does not work for me…

here for example: it does not work with a cube:

i will. :vulcan_salute:

I’m not sure just what you want to achieve just exactly.
If you want to display a fixed/static reflection on your object, then you shouldn’t use the environment.

Note that the environment does not rotate, it’s your camera that rotates around the object, thus projecting a different view from the environment. Sure you can act on the projection/coordinate mode of the environment but this will just never render a ‘static’ reflection on your object/pbr material.

If a static reflection fx is what you are looking for, then you should use a reflection texture. To give it the HDR-like effect you can use post-process or push the levels above 1 (also i.e. change the metallicF0Factor and IndexOfRefraction).

You can play and try tune this PG with some added textures to your pbr material.
I suggest you open the ‘inspector’ and play with the settings to see what it does.