Stop vibration/moving on collision? (example playground )

I am trying to create a collision effect similar to the babylonjs viewer. Where I can zoom in very close to a 3d model but not go through it. The Babylon.js Viewer - Babylon.js Documentation

I don’t know how the bablyonjs viewer is setup. But in my current playground when you collide in the center of the crescent moon mesh, the whole mesh vibrates. How can I prevent this? Also if you move the moon mesh slightly left or right and zoom in all the way it starts rotating the mesh on collision. Can I prevent this?

(For some reason I had to create a camera first and then create the defaultcamera again once the mesh was loaded to get the mesh centered in the camera.)

Ther viewer is using a camera behavior: Apply Camera Behaviors - Babylon.js Documentation

Just what I needed. Thanks

Is there a behavior I can set to get the rest of the viewer’s defaults? I’m mainly looking to recreate that light grayish background and the lighting on that “clear” floor.