Stuck when active checkcollisions mesh on loader

my model

my model has a very high number of vertices…When CheckCollision is active and camera collided, my browser is stuck
… what’s the solution?

To manage properly collisions in your scene, I advise you to group meshes in a small amount of gizmo bounding box (and check collisions with the gizmo):

For example, you can group all the potted plants in the same gizmo bounding box.

warning: when you import a mesh with multi material from a gltf file, your mesh is “split” in many meshes (one per material). so, applying collision checking to all meshes in the scene is very CPU-consuming and not useful in your scene.

You can try to use octree to optimize your collisions: Optimize Your Scene with Octrees - Babylon.js Documentation

Thankyou LeJohn

I’ve tried meshes into a group with nodes, but it doesn’t work.

thankyou Evgeni_Popov

I was try octress but doesnt work