Superhero Comics - updated and bigger than ever

Hey all! If you haven’t taken a peek at Superhero Comics - take a look!

I’m slowly rolling this out and still seeking feedback from anyone on its performance. I’m interested in your first and subsequent load times, as well as smoothness and overall impressions.

I made a new video too that you can view at Twitter or watch on Youtube


This is really amazing work - I retweeted your post about it!

Hey I saw that! Thank you so much for the retweet! -scott

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Every update gets better and better! :smiley:

Any chance this will get released as open-source?
I’d love to add it to my awesome-babylonjs list on GitHub.

Awesome progress :heart_eyes:. Looks like all my performance issues from the early-version are now gone with the wind. The loading time for such a huge number of titles is also very, very good. This is all just getting better and better (didn’t want to copy the reply from @carolhmj :grin:but it just matches my thoughts). I have to admit that on your first post, seing the loading time and having dramatic performance drops, I wasn’t entirely convinced (my bad for being a non-believer :shushing_face: :wink: But then now, I can really see where you’re going and this thing is about to become huge. Congrats :clap:

Looks better every time!!

Hey Symbitic, Would love to! However, several things make doing this, in a way that’s useful for others, a big project. In addition to the babylonjs stuff (which is changing frequently still), there are significant preprocessing components written in python that interact with a subscription-based API service. None of that is fully automated yet. Further, any changes to layout or planogram are done by hand in Blender. So it’s really 3 projects in one. Not ruled out, but probably not until things are more stable. Thanks for your interest!

Hey @Deltakosh ! Thanks for checking it out. And THANK You and @davrous and the rest for such a phenomenal 3D engine. I’ve been a big fan since v2.5, and it just keeps getting better and better!

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Thank you @mawa! Initial load time was not very good and has been a big focus lately. It’s about 3x faster than it was, … so I can fix some VR bugs now! Shadows are suddenly giving me grief too so that’s also on the short list.

Thank you @carolhmj - still cobblin away. Look for even better load times!

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