Teaser for Superhero Comics

Dozens of superheroes and thousands of titles. All built with the amazing babylonjs. Still pre-beta. Still buggy. Best on desktops right now, but meta quest browser works last I checked. At wearevr.com [takes a minute to load until I fix that].

I made a video a few days ago: Twitter


Really good ‘real shop’ feeling and experience with nice navigation among a lot of titles!

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Hi @doctor3d and welcome to the forum. A good start to the superhero library. After pressing ESC I get back control of the cursor however the message wearevr has control of your pointer. Press ESC to take back control keeps appearing when I move the cursor to the top of the window. This is still true after I have closed the forum and reopened it.

Hi JohnK. Tnx for looking at the store! Not seen the issue you’re reporting. I am using the method shown in this pg example. I wonder if that works for you or not. Maybe try fullscreen? Otherwise if you can, pls indicate your browser and version? More hints will help me understand this -scott

Interesting. The number of titles is impressive and the quality of the textures on all these titles also is. However the downside is that, right now, the loading time and FPS is just killing my test rig. I hope you will be able to work the optimization of the scene.

This example works no problem.

Firefox 106.0.2 (64 bit)

I’m aware of loading time. It does take a further moment to settle smooth even after you’re in. I’m using a 3 yr old GTX1070 laptop and getting 100+ fps even in the trickiest positions. (The store is built dynamically so that’s the delay). I’m working on stashing meshes to help with that. I do appreciate your feedback certainly! Thanks for checking it out -scott

Thanks JohnK for the pointer… I hadn’t tested on Firefox up til now.

Hey, it’s very laggy on MacBook Pro 2016 2GHz Dual-Core Intel i5 with 8GB of Memory and with Chrome v107. After a while it’s a little bit better but still laggy.
But overall it’s very nice!

Yes it’s a bit of a balancing act. Mostly cpu bound building meshes up front, so I am working on caching those. And as @JohnK said above Firefox takes for-friki-never to load so that’s gonna be a focus next up. Really thanks @neu5 for trying it -scott

Mesh building is serialized now and no rendering til that’s done => seems to be 25% faster loading and startup stuttering reduced or gone. Still getting almost better performance on Meta Quest Browser than PC Firefox - weird

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SUPER (haha see what I did there :smiley: ) COOL! The textures are reaaaaally good and I love how clicking on a character cutout shows a quote - that’s a really neat detail!

cc @PirateJC to see how amazing this is

Hey Scott!
I can confirm that the lagging has decreased but the experience is not yet smoothy-puffy :slight_smile: (I have no idea if that’s even an expression)
Keep on good work!
Have you changed the cursor moving? When I use my touchpad I have counter-moving cursor which is kind of annoying. When I move left - the cursor is going right etc.

Thanks for giving another look at this. Your input has been helpful in guiding me to some problem areas. I still have issues with Firefox that I don’t see in Chrome or Edge. And I will look at touchpad today - think I have one around here. It seems to be ok with tablets and even my SD855 powered phone.

I am AFK for a couple of weeks so I won’t be touching anything soon. I have a new update ready that cuts load time by ~30% but I wanna test it more. I’ll post again when I think it’s worth checking out.

Really @neu5 appreciate your feedback!


Hello Scott :slight_smile:
It looks like you’ve fixed the touchpad issue - thats’ great!
I’ve noticed that the babylon loader is at the top left at the beginning - is that ok?

Just to share my thoughts with you - I have no clue on how you did organise your code and what you’re doing there but even though the overall experience is much smoother than weeks ago I have the feeling that my macbook is trying very hard to make it working (it’s lagging a little bit while walking). Are you loading all the models of the comics at the very beginning? Or you are loading like low quality placeholders and then you are loading the high quality models progressively when the user is near by? Maybe there is too much data loaded in the memory, or too many models at the same time.
Just the thoughts - cheers!


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@doctor3d well done! This is awesome! Just threw some love your way on twitter:

Hey I’m real sorry for delay in responding- I was far away off the grid for several weeks. Once the scene is loaded, there should be no more background activity. My guess is your GPU memory is being maxed and the textures ae becoming a problem. I am looking at ways to reduce resource use and I’ve done a little of that on wearevr.com - so keep checking it out and let me know if things improve or get worse.


Hey thanks for this shoutout! … I’ve been away for weeks and just catching up. Stay tuned for a coming immersive tour captured in VR on the Quest 2.