Swarzie-Open World Community through a storytelling


First of THANK YA…in the past few years since Ive become familiar with BJS it has opened my eyes to the fun of game development :heart_eyes:


Premise to collab with other folks to create a world via a story title. Each contributor can create a small story world than give a idea of how to continue the theme. Eventually creating an online community.

As far as the characters wanted to see if there is a possibility to download a complete (non x/y bot) character with rig into Blender and convert to BJS. Also would love to find ways to began the process of bringing on folks to build on the stories.

Feel free to give feedback the more the merrier :heart:


This is great! I love the idea!

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Hey @Deltakosh :blush:

Thank ya so very much…I appreciate it :heart:

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