Swordstruct - Online Survival RPG

Swordstruct is an online action survival RPG where players must gather resources, slay animals and monsters, build bases, and team up with others to survive the harsh conditions of this world. You start in this world but nothing but a rock but with enough ambition and grit, you can build anything.

Hello, my name is Tony and I am a US service member learning how to create and develop a game with the free time that I have. Though I’ve only dabbled in game making, I have a passion to create a world other people can experience and enjoy directly from their browsers with minimal load time.

This project began a month ago and I had no direction in which I was going. I opened up Blender… attempted to make a character and enjoyed the process. From there, I made equipment for this character and rapidly, my mind began to flood with thoughts of a world where this character could live in and this is where the project really began.

This project uses Nengi.js and Babylon.js - both of which I would think I’m very much still a beginner with - also at programming as well. I hope you enjoy the process of development and updates I post here as I don’t have much of an audience anywhere else.

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading/watching!

Feel free to try the game here. I will push updates to it as often as as I can!

W A S D - Move
Double tap a direction - Roll
Hold shift - Run


Seems to be a promising project ! :slight_smile:
Is it the project for which you asked about cloning characters ?

My first feedback is : Where is the test link ? :grin:

Yes, I was learning how to merge meshes at that point hehe!

and sorry about that, I updated my original post of where I’ve uploaded the game. I’m a bit shy about it as it’s still not really playable lol

I just gave it a try and I was not alone. Is it multiplayer already ? :grin:

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Yes, it’s multiplayer! Thank you for trying ^^

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The guy :

  • I’m very much still a beginner at programming as well
  • It’s still not really playable lol

Also, the same guy :

  • Ah yes, forgot to mention, a multiplayer session manager is enabled already



So I’ve actually been getting alot of help from the creator of Nengi.js, Alex. Without Nengi which is a networking engine, this would definitely not have been possible so I’m very grateful for all the things he’s taught me and allowing other people to use his engine.


  • Added Attacking/Blocking/Damage
    ( left click to attack / right click to block )

  • Added Player Chat

  • Added temporary collisions until a better solution is found.

Working on next:
- Fixing prediction error of death (screen glitches to no end after a collision the client and server aren’t in sync with)
- Inventory & Items
- NPCS and natural resource nodes such as trees, rocks, etc.

Don’t worry about it :sunglasses:

Did some play testing.

  • While running around I must have accidentally hit the ctrl-key instead of shift. As I have just learned, ctrl+w closes the tab (even in pointer lock mode). Maybe prevent defaults on key press?
  • There were some collision issues but you mentioned it might be glithchy so probably alright.
  • Couldnt find anything else. :+1:

Noted! Thank you for trying it out