Teleportation option issue

I am following the official documentation but here i am not able to see the output on webXr emulator. Does anyone guide me that what i am missing here.i also try to run official examples but it still not showing the expected result with teleportation.

i want to see just like output

The emulator states that it has a thumbstick, but doesn’t let you control it. this is why you can’t use the teleportation’s default behavior with the emulator. What you can do it enable the mainComponent using the mainComponentOnly flag, as described here:

I am using this example and you can see here is showing WebXRFeatureName is not a defined exception. would you suggest to me that what library is missing here?

Here you can see that when I trying to understand the API with some examples, then I will get a maximum error which makes it too complicated for development

would you suggest to me some successful code examples of teleportation?


I have no idea where you got those examples from. I gave you the documentation page that has many teleportation examples. These are working. The other 2 examples you pasted are: 1) Not using the BABYLON namespace so they won’t work in the playground, 2) Are using WebVR and not WebXR which is deprecated and won’t work.

Please try the official examples from the page I pasted.

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Thanks Now working after adding BABYLON namespace.