Trying to get teleportation "donut" to appear in Windows Mixed Reality Portal Simulator

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying implement a movement system that will work in a VR headset. I am not using a real headset but testing using the Simulator in Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

I am unable to get the teleportation “donut” to appear so I can test my scene.

Here are some other examples that, as I understand it, should allow for teleportation:

I can’t get the donut to appear in these examples either. Moving the thumbstick forward should activate teleportation mode is that right? I tried it but nothing happens.

Is there some other way to trigger teleportation in the simulator that I am missing?

This is what I expect to happen:

@RaananW is the king of VR and might certainly be able to help

The old VRHelper is deprecated and is not being developed further.

If you try with any of the newer WebXR-related scenes, you get this:

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Thanks for the help! I know the second example used the old VRHelper, but is not the first example link I listed the same as what you mentioned?

It has this:
var experience = await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({
// define the floor meshes
floorMeshes: [scene.floor]

Can you share with me the code which you used for your screenshot?

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Hello, I am sorry I realized the floor mesh wasn’t defined properly in the first link! That is my mistake. Thank you!