Text alignemet doesn't show properly between firefox and safari


I tried to use gui but i don’t understand why my text does not appear correctly on firefox.
If you could help thank you very much !

PS: I can only put one picture so i can’t show you that appears well on safari.

Hi @Hazard4U and welcome to the forum. Would you produce a version of your GUI in a playground, it would make it easier to spot any issues. It does not have to be the full project just the GUI producing the problems.

This is how it appears on safari.

Here is some documentation about the playground: Introduction to the Playground - Babylon.js Documentation. Like @JohnK said, it will be much easier to help if you can repro using this.

Yes i have coded it on the playground originally and it appear well too as on safari.


I think you’re saying the issue doesn’t reproduce with the playground?

This playground works for me on firefox. I’m not sure how to help without a repro. If the issue only repros for you outside of the playground, can you host it somewhere so we can look at it?

I found where is the issue. It come from the css when i resize the parent of the canvas.

div id=“rightPanel”
canvas id=“renderCanvas” touch-action=“none”></canvas

width: 100%;

Thanks everyone for your help i finally solved the issue. I used flex-basis instead and that finally works.