Texture applies incorrectly, but "Refresh" button helps

Hi Guys!
My issue related to building a material with node material.

I build material block by block and also apply .png files to Texture blocks.
On the screenshot below you can see, that all of the texture blocks have it’s own .png.
But if we look at the preview on the right/bottom, we see, that textures applies incorrectly.

I can fix it, by picking every texture block and and click “Refresh” button.
After that textures are applied correctly

Could someone advise why this happens, please?

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! Can you share your NME link?

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Thanks you your reply!

I’m sorry, i can’t, cuz i’m afraid of NDA.

Btw, issue has gone, when i set the fourth parameter of addTextureTask to false explicitly.
But that’s strange, cuz docs says, it is false by default.
loader.addTextureTask(textureName, url, false, false));

The doc is wrong, the default value is true. This PR will fix the problem: