Texture artifacts, how to set filtering?

Hey I’m having an issue where every face on my mesh are mapped to the same texture UV tile but I’m getting artifacts further away from the camera, If texture filtering on the image texture node is set to cubic in Blender the issue will go away in the viewport. What’s the best way to fix this issue in BabylonJS?


Hi martin,

Taking a close look at these grid artifacts, it looks like they differ in color depending on what direction they’re going.

This is a bit of a guess, but based on that observation and the fact that these only seem to appear at further distances, I wonder if these artifacts are coming from color bleed in the coarser mip levels. If your texture squares are too tightly packed in the atlas, the sampler might grab pieces of an adjacent color when long distances and coarse mip levels make the sampling comparatively imprecise. If you have control over how this model is made, can you try adding more padding between your UVs? Disabling mipmaps might also help discern whether this is the real problem, though if it is then that’s probably not the solution. Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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