Sandbox default texture sampling in images is terrible

I just tried an export from blender to .glb with a simple model and a few simple textures.

By default the sandbox selects the “Linear/Nearest & linear mip” This seems to cause terrible artifacts around all my edges of colors making them wobble and pixelate. There is no stitching happening here of uv islands , this is one uv island.

If I change it to another sampling method like ““Nearest/Linear & nearest mip” the issue is fixed ( some others fix it as well”

Look at this gif , notice the button areas ( black circles with white stroke… ) The bad looking one is the default sandbox sample I just mentioned:

ps . the diffuse is 4k so something is wrong here. also there is no break in geometry in those areas , they are planar faces.

i will still check it in a normal babylon engine load , I was just was doing a test in the sandbox and saw this and thought I better report it as it cant be right im sure.


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If sampler data are defined in the .glb file, Babylon is using them. If not, the spec says that one is free to use any value and Babylon is using mag=linear, min=linear and mipmap=linear. If you see “Nearest/Linear & nearest mip” it must be that your glb defines the sampler this way. Have you tried to display your file in another gltf viewer?

i never knew about setting sampling in .glb export from blender? I will google about it and report back

The default i got for all textures with this model in the sandbox is :

“Linear/Nearest & linear mip”

this is the one that does not render well ,exported from blender 2.91

Strangely I just tested some older models , ones I never had issues with before and exported from older blender version and to my surprise they import with different filtering, they default to :

“Linear and linear mip”

Which looks great as expected

So something in blender or blender export changed , or it is a material setup thing … let me see if I can get down to the bottom of this.

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Not related but honestly I find your tone pretty mean.
You are either shocked or you find things terrible.

I would clearly recommend you to remember that there are humans being the project and they could be hurt by how you present things.

yes apologies I did respond in the other thread , and cleared things up, well to that extent at least

I provide more info for this one as I did dig into it some more and found there were no such options exposed in the blender exporter , no way to set the desired sampling

So from a debugging point of view , the same latest online sandbox ( meaning same babylon version) gave different sample modes for models exported from different versions of blender. So there is that.

But additionally I loaded the problem model into a older version of a babylon scene locally and when loading up the inspector in that scene I found it only had two listed samples choices for texture sampling, so much less than the sandbox and it was not the same choice as sandbox anyway.

Of coarse I just fixed it by looping the textures and changing it to something that looked better.

It was just a case of something weird is going on

Anyway apologies to you and all the team and other users, i honestly did not set out to provoke or use bad tone and register intentionally, was just a mode swing or something i guess.

You guys do great work , treat all well and the community is great :wink:

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No worries @shaderbytes, we all have rough days (or nights:))

Thanks for your kind words!