Texture color correction

Hi there,
I’m not a coding guy at all, so bear that in mind.
My colleage @paleRider and me are trying to implement the use of several textures choices for an object, but lots of them are just color variations of the same texture.
So, in order not to spend much bandwith on texture loading, I wondered if we could just multiply the texture by a color in the code, so we end up loading just one texture, but be able to change its color when running the code.
Is there such way to do that?
Or is this a stupid super newbie question? LOL
Anyway, thanks in advance!

Not a stupid question at all :slight_smile:

You can easily multiply a texture by a color by using the diffuseColor property of the StandardMaterial, or albedoColor for the PBRMaterial.

Here’s an example:


Thank you very much, it was an easy question to answer :slight_smile: