Texture image width and height


Should my texture image width and height should be in powers of 2? It is not a must i believe but do we get any advantage in having so?

Let’s say, I have an image with width:1100 height 620. I want to use it as the diffuse texture for a mesh. Should I crop it to 1024 and 512?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a quote from the link posted below: (note: 2016)

Since the release of OpenGL 2.0, developers have the option of using textures without specific dimensions. In the past, these texture sizes were required to be powers of two. However, there are advantages to using textures with power-of-two dimensions.

  • Because interpolation of float numbers can be done very quickly with power-of-two textures, these textures will render faster than ones that are not a power of two. The amount of this difference varies depending upon the GPU, and with modern GPUs this difference may be small, but you can see for yourself using the accompanying application.
  • Non-power-of-two textures waste RAM because they are padded up to the next power-of-two dimension, even though they do not use the entire space.
  • This padding may leave edging artifacts in the resulting image.