Texture load png seems blurry

Hello everyone.

My question is that if I create a Texture through a png link, the image will be compress or not ? Here is the PG.

In this pg, the image seems be compressed. but if I open this image directly, the result seems good.

by the way, how to make the image seems good, maybe I need antialiasing?

The image data are not changed by Babylon.js and are taken straight from the file. So the picture should display like in the image viewer (if they are displayed at the same size).

It does work for me:

The small picture of the overview in the inspector can be pixelated because it is reduced in size and there may not be bilinear filtering applied. But the picture is ok on the plane as you can see in the screenshot.

For best results (notably when you zoom out), you should allow mipmaps and use tri-linear mip mapping:

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Hello @wsAndy just checking in, was your question answered?