Texture - transparency instead repeating pattern/stripes if uScale > 1

Hi guys,

i recently started coding with babylonjs and in my learning project i came across the following problem.
If you want to have a look and maybe can help me somehow i would be very glad.
Thanks in advance!


I am putting an image texture on a plane with a starting scale around 3.
Then i would scale it to 1 and below - but this is not relevant.
The problem is, that i like to see the background of the plane outside the texture image. But the behaviour is, that it is either repeated or “smeared” to the borders of the plane.
Is there any simple setting i miss or do you have any tips on how to achieve this somehow?

Thank you so much and a happy new Year! :slight_smile:

The easiest is to leave a 1px colored border in your picture so you can see a flat color :slight_smile:

else you would need a special shader to clip the content

Thank you, sebavan - unfortunately this is not an option, but i managed to do the scaling on the plane instead …