`textureHelper` cannot load its shaders in 5.0.0-rc.11

In my Vite dev setup, the inspector tries to load src/Shaders/lodCube.fragment.fx and src/Shaders/lod.fragment.fx from the network when I try to preview a texture. It fails with 404 and the texture is not shown in the pane. The problem does not exist in 5.0.0-beta.4, so has probably something to do with @RaananW’s build system revamp.

This was supposed to be resolved already. Have you tried rc.12? is it still not working?

This was actually resolved before, but I wonder if the inspector edit in rc.12 helped there.

Can you share your setup if it still doesn’t work? I’ll be happy to debug this

Just tried it, same problem with rc.12. I’ve reproduced it with Codesandbox.

Will be resolved in the next rc. thanks a lot for reporting!