textWrapping not working on Asian languages (Japanese & Chinese)

GUI TextBlock textWrapping is not working on Asian languages. I’ve tried Japanese and Chinese.

The PG I saved is all ? marks.

But you can simply copy+paste the text below and replace line 33.
var text = “<copy+paste here>”

Japanese text:

Chinese text:


Pinging @thomlucc to track this issue

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@Aaran - I create an issue on Babylon.js repo. You can track: #8211

The problem is that the separator character is assumed to be the space character, and there is no space in those strings…

There are specific rules to split japanese words: Line breaking rules in East Asian languages - Wikipedia

Do we want to implement this in the Babylon GUI?

If yes I guess we would need to support other asian languages as well…

Also, how to detect the language from a string? Must be possible but not easy, I guess we would need the user to pass the information.

Maybe this can be used to split words for japanese: GitHub - trkbt10/mikan.js: 機械学習を用いていない日本語改行問題へのソリューション

What about giving the user an option to provide his own separation mechanism. And we can create a PG for the doc that does it for chinese / japanese ?

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Ok, will do that.

Thanks @thomlucc and all for your help!

Done, but I’m a bit stuck for an example PG because of:

yeah the server may not store unicode characters…

This is the response I’m getting
{“id”:“MEH9C5”,“version”:0,“snippetIdentifier”:“MEH9C5-0”,“jsonPayload”:"{“code”:“var joshi = \”???|\";\r\n"}",“name”:“Test japanese”,“description”:"",“tags”:""}

Investigating the root cause

Ok I cannot fix it. The playground backend is configured to use text and not ntext and I cannot change it easily as the field is used by the fully et search system

A TextBlock.wordSplittingFunction property has been added, that lets you provide a function that should return an array of words given a string line.

Here’s a fiddle that demonstrates the usage for japanese (could not find an easy to use js package for chinese as Milkan is for japanese):



do you mind updating the doc as well as this is super useful?
Thanks a ton

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Thanks @Evgeni_Popov!! @Aaran

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