The 2021 browser compatibility comment of mine

Good day Dear fellow Contributors of BJS and the next-gen Internet.
I cannot stand this anymore. For a generation (15y) I’ve seen the growing tables of compatibility (for code, for tech, for design, for marcom…) Just where are we going in 2021 and XR with this kind of tables:

May be yours want to share your own thoughts and XP. Feel totally free to do this just now.
To better make my point, I’m going to quickly dig into my archives and try find you some of these tables reviewed on milestones (like css, html4, 5, css2, 3, etc…) This crap has been going on for way too long. We need to put an end to this…

Edit: Just to make this clear: This message is not addressed to BJS, of course. My thought: Eventually BJS can help with healing this disease. And then, eventually, all of us can (together).

There are so many factors you need to consider here. There are politics involved. There are licensing issues. There are issues with missing support in common image editing software (when was the last time you saw “save as JPER XR”?)
Audio files support is the same. Videos too. There is sadly no standard, and every 2nd week some company finds a better and more efficient way to transfer binary data to the user.

It will eventually settle down. Look at the formats that are accepted by most (if not all) - JPG (28 years old), GIF (33 years old), PNG (24 years old). Old, efficient, unlicensed :slight_smile:

The one thing I am taking from this table - everybody loves cat GIFs, and there is one browser that hasn’t decided what it supports:

Yes. I do know all that (at least, high level;) I also know that we are living (or better said, ‘caught’, because it wasn’t our choice)… caught in a period of history of ideological changes/(r)evolution and with new governance models that will rule our future lives. If there is a time to act, it’s now. And I’m not speaking of any radical position here. I believe I’m more of the ‘reasonable’ type. Overall, I believe a ‘good compromise’ is always the best way to handle things. But there are times where you just need (or get a chance) to set new norms/rules or else the contestation and the ‘discrepancy’ will continue to grow.

Yes, I use them all since the beginning;) Not as if you’d have a choice if you are seeking ‘control’ and ‘consistency’.

This was just an example of tables. I have just so many other tables (and so do you;). It’s just the addition of all that makes our lives more complicated every day and our projects less innovative or less manageable.

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Evolution leads always to a revolution. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Though, we still think that we can change this. How much of an advance would this be in our ®evolution?:wink:

off topic in a off topic: :smiley:

I mean it as a natural phenomenon of life… :slight_smile:

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but human’s aspiration is supposed to be ‘beyond nature’… dixit Elon Musk;)

reason is limited.
imagination is limitless

chears Elon! :slight_smile: