The Babylon.js monthly challenge is back!

Dear community!

8 years ago I started a silly-yet-fun series of challenges with the babylon community. The idea was to have fun, and see the different ways people solve the same challenge. The original post is here -

@gryff has reminded me how much fun these were so… Let’s do that again!

To celebrate me deciding to try this challenge series again, I want to do the same challenge as back then:

3D Game Of Life!

A favorite of students and professors alike :slight_smile:

The rules were copied from the original post (which were, in turn, “borrowed” from a different page):

  • Cells (in this case, cubes) with only 1 or less neighbors die, as if by loneliness.
  • If 5 cells surround an empty cell, they breed and fill it.
  • If a cell has 8 or more neighbors, it dies from overcrowding.

Want to use physics? please do! XR? yes sir! A compute-shader that does all the work for us? amazing!

It’s not a competition! Just a community challenge. The winner, as back then, will win great prizes such as a lot of like on their post, praises from the team, and an AI generated image םכ a trophy, with Babylon spelled incorrectly.

Submit entries in the form of playground or repositories to me in a PM until May 31st, so you have plenty of time to come up with your idea. Please - make the code public. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn.

Want to see mine from 8 years ago? Here:

Fully open sourced here - GitHub - RaananW/Game-Of-Life: 3D Game Of Life for Babylon.js , using Babylon 2.1

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise - can’t wait to see your entries!


I’m not sure that’s the case yet

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oh, the thought is to do GoL on a 3D grid. i think i did 10x10x10, but can be bigger

I’ve done this multiple times in the past, so ill probably exclude myself from this one ;). Good luck everyone else!

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That’s on me I didn’t look closely enough


awesome! keep on working, send me your final version in PM till may 31st


Bumping this topic, and reminding everyone that I will be waiting for entries by the end of the month :slight_smile:

This is really beautiful!


Hi, here’s my Game of Life.
I updated the code and it seems to be fully working!

I grabbed the algorithm from Daniel Shiffman’s the Nature of Code noc-examples-processing/chp07_CA/GameOfLifeWrapAround at master · nature-of-code/noc-examples-processing · GitHub

I used spheres to simulate a “grid”.

By the way, which is the camera you can scroll to zoom in/out? Couldn’t figure that one out.

Please take a look at feel free to provide feedback and suggestions. Will be much appreciated.


Good job. You can use another cam (ArcRotateCamera)

Game of Life - May 2023 | Babylon.js Playground (

Now you should extend it so that the beings live in a three-dimensional world.

Hi @CodingCrusader!
That was great, that camera is the one I was looking for.
Thanks a lot for your help.