FreeMazes3D, my Babylon.js adventure game (version 0.7.1)

I have recently released a seventh version of my adventure game featuring procedurally-generated mazes with 24 different puzzles that randomly spawn within. It now uses Babylon.js 5.

This release is larger than many of the previous releases and features four totally new puzzles, plus two complete re-writes of two earlier, lower-quality puzzles from version 0.1. A number of other features have also been added, including improved interface graphics, better texture mapping on meshes, a primitive day/night cycle, and a feature so you don’t see the exact same puzzles in back-to-back mazes. I also implemented many fixes for various glitches found in version 0.6.

New places to explore:

New puzzles to solve:

And the visually improved interface, replacing the earlier single-color interface:

If you want to try it out, a native Linux version can be downloaded from my github and played right away (no installation necessary):


Congrats! I love the retro aesthetic :smiley:
@PirateJC woop woop


Great job @nate !!!

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Looking awesome @nate!

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