The correct way to extend an animation group?

I want to extend an animation group by freeze in a particular moment for a certain period of time. I tried to iterate the keys of all animations, and add to the ‘frame’ property with the desired number of frame count, it does freeze the animation group, but the animation group’s ‘to’ property is still old. I have tried to stop, reset or normalize the animation group but it doesn’t work. Anyone’s got the hint of the correct way to do it? Thanks.

Can’t you use animGroup.goToFrame(frame)? If you want to stop at this frame, you can call animGroup.pause() just after.

Yes this is possible if just for playback. But my usecase is I would also export the modified animation group to a new glb file, so I need to actually update it.

Rereading your first post, it seems you only need to be able to set the from / to properties of the animation group. I think this is something worthwhile, so here’s the PR :


Yes this should solve the problem. Thank you so much Evgeni :smile: