The Gruffalo Islands

I have said before, that in an effort to attract Blender users to BJS, I have been participating in some Blender creation contests. The last one is :

The Gruffalo Islands

It won : “@gryff Congratulations on winning the ‘‘Community Vote’’ and the ‘‘Simplistic/Minimalism’’ vote of the ‘‘Weekly Blender Competition’’ with the subject ‘‘Floating Islands’’”

Keys :
“c” : toggle camera between ArcRotate and Universal.
“s” : plays animation and audio.
“r” : and if you fall off the islands, this key will "r"estore the camera to the bridge.

In Chrome, you may see a button, top left corner, that indicates sound will not play. Just click it.

Enjoy, and Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:


You rock buddy!

Nahh, just sometime because of a virus, and @JCPalmer’s great exporter. I now have 3 people asking me how it is done - hopefully someone may turn up here eventually :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay Safe @Deltakosh, gryff :slight_smile: