The Manifold Core

Been working on this on and off the last couple months. It’s done!

It’s a short, 10 min story-based experience.

Reality bends as two sisters flee from a Chernobyl-like disaster.


This is insanely good :slight_smile: cc @PirateJC

Oh my goodness! @vx9 this is seriously wonderful! Incredible storytelling. I was enthralled the entire time!

Are you on twitter? what’s your username? I’d love to promote this from the Babylon account.


I’m glad you like it!

My Twitter:

I want to give a big thank you to everyone in the forums for helping me with technical stuff.
I learned so much about BabylonJS working on it.

that looks sick :100:

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This is FANTASTIC! Spooked me to my “core” :drum:

Can’t wait to see more stuff in this universe :smiley:

This is absolutely fantastic! :heart_eyes: