The meaningful names of Dude's bones

I wanted to make a PG using Dude. It / he has 58 bones named ‘bone0’ - ‘bone57’. Does anyone know where this thing even comes from? Could something be done to give the bones meaning full names. Fingers do not really need to be great.

I am having a problem with IK. I do not know if it could be just something about my skeleton or not. If Dude was useful for bone questions, I could use this. If I got the same result with Dude, I could use it in the question, without having to publish a character.

OMG I have no idea :smiley: I use dude since v0.01 of BJS (I THINK it is a XNA asset but I could be wrong)

Ok, I will just publish my own.

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Well, I did scrape part of what known about Dude, and made a much better IK PG than the one in the docs, though not as flashy.

Dude did not have the same problem as rig. That was a problem with my rest pose. It bent the wrong way. I went to a T-pose to make it easy to place control meshes. A T-pose is also great for posing fingers in Blender.

I can reposition the bones in edit mode so that it the IK controller knows which way to bend. The Kinect V2 skeleton wt finger bones I use is computer built from the MakeHuman default skeleton. A one line change should do it.

Final notes:

  • Publishing something in order to make a PG in order to ask a question is not only a pain, if I delete JSON file later, then someone who finds the question will not have a working PG.

  • Getting bones with names on them is kind of important for IK.

  • In the above PG, you must first click on scene, then click x, y, or z. Drag then moves the mesh, which poses the skeleton. This is too different from Blender to be use-able by me. Having to hold down the mouse button while positioning something is kind of inferior / more stressful in the first place. The click to complete the operation much less stressful as well. Going to have change this.


The bones are automatically given by default in this way on 3ds max when creating a biped.
It can be renamed if you want it later, but by default it’s Bone0, bone01 …

But it would be interesting if we could rename it with Babylon

Well, a .babylon is a text file. Editing with wordpad, after doing an initial find ‘bone-0’ is doable. Bigger problem is knowing what to change them to. Not that all bones would need to be changed. Arm, leg, root, & neck. That is one weird skeleton in the head region, btw.

Yes it is indeed difficult to know what the bone Bone26 corresponds to for example.

It seems to me that the Bone0 is the pelvis, but afterwards, I’m not sure.

Usually you have to do it with the 3ds max editor, blender … and give a name to the most relevant, useful bone. This then makes it possible to attach objects to the bone having a name more easily without the hassle.

PS: I really like your PG. Very useful