The playroom XR

I’ve been wanting to experiment with Havok and WebXR for quite some time now. And never found the time. And then I thought - hey! we have an awesome demo using Havok, why won’t I port it to XR?

So, I ported it to XR :slight_smile:

The playroom XR is just a free-mode XR experience. Enter the game, exter XR, and using your triggers to generate an impulse that will move you in the right direction. Hit whatever you want to hit, fly wherever you want to fly, and press A or X to reset the scene and start all over again.

Lot’s of fun!

Havok reacts perfectly. This video was recorded on an old quest 1. And it is still so well optimized that it runs perfectly.

This is just a demo, and was not meant as a fully featured game. I implemented it to test physics in XR, and nothing more :slight_smile:



It is soooo funnnnn :smile:

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