The points where the annotation is picked are snapped parallel to the surface of the object

I am doing a fitting point to mark the position to be picked. The desired effect is that the marked point is parallel to the surface of the object.

The specific method is to click to select a file to select a model, and then click the upload button.
Move the mouse, the fitting point cannot be parallel to the surface of the object, a solution is needed, thank you.
The expected effect is as follows:

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This example should help you make the right calculations:

Just replace line 68 with const normal = pickResult.getNormal(); to use the normal to the picked point instead of the direction of the view to the camera. (683.3 KB)

I tried your solution, but it is not feasible to use it on the uploaded model, please use this model as a reference to help

That’s because of the default orientation of the cylinder. You need to rotate it by 90° around the X axis: (494.6 KB)
It seems using different model would behave differently.

Hello, your solution is very important. Based on this solution, I modified the 96 lines of code, and the modified code can solve my problem. Thank you for your help!
before fixing:
const normal = pickInfo.getNormal();
After modification:
const normal = pickInfo.getNormal(true, true);

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@kzhsw I think the latest PG from @lxq100 should work.

How can I get picked normal for meshes without indices?
example model: (923 Bytes)

Here are some info when debugging getNormal:

It seems to read normal form NaN offset.

This PR will fix getNormal when the mesh is unindexed: