The.STL model cannot be displayed after being obtained from the cloud server

I requested that the babylonjs sample.stL file display properly in the browser. When I put the.stl file on my own cloud server and sent the request, the task content was not displayed on the page, and the browser console reported an error.

I find that the response headers are the same, and the response also returns the content. Why does the error occur?

my code:

The same code works fine when I request

    (sceneArg) => {
        const boundingInfo = sceneArg[0].getBoundingInfo();
        console.log('boundingInfo====', boundingInfo);
        const ratio = 9.0 / boundingInfo.boundingSphere.radius;

        sceneArg[0].position.y = (0 - boundingInfo.minimum.y) * ratio;
        sceneArg[0].scaling.x = ratio;
        sceneArg[0].scaling.y = ratio;
        sceneArg[0].scaling.z = ratio;
        // camera.setTarget(sceneArg[1]);

Are you sure the “content-disposition” header is the same in both cases?

What if you request directly the .stl file without passing by the intermediate download-file page?

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Can you share a repro ?

content-disposition is not the same. This interface is written uniformly, and the back-end programmer may not help me modify it.
I finally gave up using babylon and used three.js to load .stl files.

Sorry, it involves security issues, which I can’t provide at the moment