The visit speed of official site in China or etc countries

ok, I think there should be some reasons of the BJS site that makes the visiting speed very very slow, most of the time we just can’t open the home page (China, not sure other countries). I have a VPN connecton so it’s ok for me, very fast. but not all the peoples have VPN, so they always complaining that the speed is terrible and it makes me quit from using BJS…
here are some screenshots we usually communicate in the web3d online chatting group:
(there will be more peoples using BJS if their site is fast)

(BJS official site is slow…)

(it’s extremely slow…)

so is there any solution for this problem? at lease improvement for API docs.

besides, a funny thing, in China we usually call BabylonJS as ‘BBL’ for short, and, it just matches the pronunciation of Chinese characters “宝宝龙” in Chinese Pinyin which means baby dragon in Chinese. :grinning:


hey thanks for show that it maybe depend for the size of first load file but
after first time i dont see any speed problem also i have some project their use the three js and they ask me to convert them for babylonjs and the result is optimized for in all device in that projects

but your opinion can be true in special sample so we can look them by sample too if you can catch the slow problem in the sample

** i make a zip from all bjs requirement file and load it in 577 kb that fix first time loading too
i can share that


no, I did not mean to load a bjs.js. I mean BJS site, we need to learn, to read from within it. it’s very slow to open a page of the site.

A possible workaround is forking or cloning GitHub - BabylonJS/Documentation: Babylon.js documentation page

and then following Improve Documentation - Babylon.js Documentation to serve the website on your local computer.

a way, thanks. to fork BJS project is a disaster, github cloning speed 100kb/s… but anyway to clone doc is possible.
but what is the reason the speed is extremely slow? I don’t think it’s caused by the distance between countries , because it’s not just slow, it’s can’t be opened.

it is is slow for us too

I did a quick check using and the location set to Beijing. The cloudflare cdn isn’t connecting and (…appears to be hosted on netlify) is very slow.

Cloudflare CDN should support china, but I think it’s an option that needs to be turned on. From the Netlify, forum, they seems to be on the wrong side of the GFW and runs slow or not at all when accessed from China. It happens to a lot of site, and the reasons are usually unknown.

There’s a suggestion from Netlify support on how to resolve this Content Distribution in China - Support - Netlify Community


Pinging @RaananW as maybe we want to move to azure or for the new version of the doc


Yes, it’s too slow,Hope to improve,I hope more Chinese developers can use it

I hear you loud and clear :slight_smile:
We will consider moving to an azure cdn when rebuilding the doc. Makes sense to move if we have problems with site delivery in china. We are still in the first steps of the redesign.


good, I hope it will speed up, Thanks :grinning:,Because I’m also a Chinese developer

cool, man.

I couldn’t agree with you more.