The websites and playground seem to be down?

yep I know, I was trying with :wink:

[edit] just in case I tryied ipconfig /flushdns, I have still the issue

Yeah I repro it
it is weird…investigating

OK should be good now
Can you try again? @Vinc3r

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same thing here :open_mouth:

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why is it working for me???

Same problem here in the UK

i took the screen shot just now :worried:

I tried to close and open my browser, still the same

I bet this is a dns cache issue
can you guys try from

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yeah that just worked fine!!:+1::+1::+1:

but not ?

exactly! 404 error in the console!!

404 Confirmed also DK is hero.

same here

who is in the US and can test? It works for me in seattle

I’m U.S. Can test. :slight_smile:

In New York preview Fails too.


In canada works doesn’t work (Netlify “Page Not Found” error page)

Bellevue, WA

can someone run that command: