Thinnizator - automatic thin instances

Sorry butchering it :hugs:
Thank you very much! I’ve learned a lot from your super cool videos! Waiting impatiently for the next part of the TA’s Journey series!

Not butchering it at all! It’s perfect! LOL

Part 2 of the TA’s Journey Series is coming out either today or tomorrow!

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I’ve edited the message, it wasn’t a question :rofl: so thank you very much!

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Hey @PirateJC!
Already saw the video! Cool as always! Finally I will start to write my own blender scripts :joy:

However are you aware of the fact, that it is uploaded in 360p quality?


EDIT: I am watching it the second time and it’s in full HD. There was another guy complaining about the low quality of the video. I think, the HD video was not fully migrated to all geo regions. Thanks!


Yeah I think the HD post took a while to migrate between different regions for some reason yesterday.

Haven’t seen that happen before.

Really glad you’re liking the series! :slight_smile:

Hi, these model look very clean and beautiful!!! Did it a custom ShaderMaterial?

The shaders are our default PBR and Standard materials.

Thanks! As @sebavan said no custom shaders were used. I’ve played a lot with the lightmaps. Without them the building looks like from Sims 1. There is a cool add on for Blender called SimpleBake. It’s not free but it was worth the $14. It helped me a lot to quickly evaluate different ambient occlusion settings and bake the final maps. The UV’s are not perfect on the model neither the resulting lightmaps… :slight_smile:


I am very interested in this part. It is very important to directly export the instantiated assets. I look forward to its news :star_struck:

I use SimpleBake as well. It’s great and saves a lot of time.


Your project is great and can be an infrastructure to create great games on this system

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Hey @musk! :smiley: You are pushing on me man! :smiley: To be honest I didn’t even start. Ok, I wrote a simple one but nothing to mention about. I am in love with GLSL now so all my attention goes that way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha. Indeed, it seems that I am interested in all your work. GLSL is cool . I will start learning it in the future.

I started with this one :vulcan_salute:


Hi roland! Thank for you reply!!!
I find that models exported from sketch up usually don’t have uv or only have break uv, do you know any way or any plugin to fix it?
It puzzles me a lot

Hi @Moriy !
You’re welcome. Yes, it was a bit nightmare for me to get it working too! :smiley:

Working scenario: I joined all vertical architectural elements in Blender into one mesh. This mainly means walls and pillars. And it gives a performance boost also.

I did the same for the vertical elements, in my case it was the ground and some covers.

So I ended up with two meshes on a floor for lightmap baking. I baked them with SimpleBake each to it’s 4k texture and I let SimpleBake to generate the UVs using smart UV projection. It did a pretty good job however some UV islands were in cover so I had to edit the UVs generated by SimpleBake. After that I baked them again and it looked quite good. I just had to select that I want to use the UVs called SimpleBake.

However if the UVs are still messed after joining the vertical and horizontal elements it’s quite easy to create the UVs manually or using a plugin. I use UVPackMaster Pro but it has a free edition as well. Give it a try, it can do magic :smiley:

If you can share your model, we can check together what are the options.


I have a try with Blender Lightmap assembly(translate), It may be useful :star_struck:
I think your idea are precious, wall,pillars and ground normally with few materials, they are easier to be splitted from model than others. only lightmap them can save lots of works and memory, also keep most of the visual effects!

This is how the smart uvs looks like before packing. I think you should see some similar.

hahaha, it save lots of time!!!

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