Refresh: doing it only once as with thin instances

Thin istances are very powerful. Using them I increased the speed of maybe a factor 20-30x.
But even more interesting was that using correctly the refresh flag in thinInstanceAdd, setting it always to false, and to true only for the last one instance, there was another full order of magnitude improvement. Which moved a situation from a jerky experience to a smooth one.

Now, I wonder: if I have a great number of different meshes that are not exactly the same (so thinInstance can’t be used), does it make sense to worry about avoiding the refresh of the gpu buffer while adding the single meshes to the scene?
Is it even possible?
If possible, would it have a significant impact on performances, like with thin Instances, or in this case the impact will be negligible?

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Hi! I was playing with similar stuff a few months ago. You could find something useful:

And there is a tool also which gives you a guick overview of thinnizable meshes (if ur gonna give it a try, use drag’n’drop, I broke the load button with the last build):



That sounds very useful for some prebuilt scene. Great stuff.