Third party AR trackers compatible with BabylonJS

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned.

I have conducted preliminary research on solutions for image tracking and world tracking on unsupported devices, specifically iOS and Android devices without the necessary settings enabled.

Below is my initial briefing, which I hope to enhance with contributions from the community:

Zappar: Zapworks Pricing: Choose The Right Plan For You

  • $11.99/month for development
  • €240/month for commercial use, mandatory annual commitment
  • Only 12,000 visits per year.

Blippar: Pricing

  • Free for 100 visits (development only)
  • £99 1000 for visits per month, without a customized welcome screen
  • Unlimited visits for £250, with a customized welcome screen

Variant 3D: Variant Launch - WebXR on iOS and Android without installing an app

  • €300 per month per domain, unlimited visits, without a customized welcome screen
  • €600 per month per domain, unlimited visits, with a customized welcome screen;
  • Only world-tracking for the moment.

8th Wall: 8th Wall | Pricing and Plans - WebAR, AR, WebVR Developer Tools and SDK

  • Very good
  • Note that the initial price you see seems to be for development only; the final price is bellow and it is €3000/month, which is crazy for me.

Onirix: Tarifas - Onirix

  • Full studio but also AR SDK for image-based tracking and world-tracking compatible with BabylonJS (and others).
  • Spatial AR in beta.
  • Paying per month 90€ 200 visits, 600€ 10.000 visits, 3000€ 500.000 visits.
  • Paying annually half the price per month.

Simple AR: GitHub - akbartus/Simple-AR: Simple AR is a web-based image tracking library (platform) based on WebAssembly. It is also compatible with A-Frame, BabylonJs and ThreeJs frameworks.

  • Free and open source!!!
  • Only image-tracking
  • Not very stable
  • The project does not seem to have much activity.

Any contribution is welcome!


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In my experience the tracking on ios with 8th wall is not awesome if you are indoors. If the camera view moves from where it was initiated the scene content will drift badly. This should be better outdoors where you can use GPS and with image markers


I’ll try with blippar, crossed fingers

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My first experience with Blippar Image tracking works ok World tracking is pretty poor, also there is a limit that is not as clearly exposed as it should be 10 image trackers per license only.

Zappar only allows you to host your own project with an enterprise license (I really hate this kind of surprise!)

Unfortunately AR.js and MindAR are not compatible with Babylon.

Thank you for documenting your research on all of these! Here’s one more you might want to check out: Seems like there approach is a mix of things depending on the platform/use case.

It looks great but it seems to be a full engine I’m looking for some that allows me to use Babylon

EDIT it seems to support Babylon! I’ll try it and they seems to be Spanish as myself.

It sounded like third party engine support did not extend to ios but I hope I am wrong about that.

Both AR.js and MindAR were built with three.js in mind. Should probably be possible to port them to use babylon as a renderer (which they should have probably abstracted, TBH).

Added Onirix to the list in the first post, tested and working fine, probably my option for the future.