This type of PG used to work?

I have not seen this error before, and tried to roll back playground versions but it keeps happening no matter what.

I’m sure these where valid playground as I have used this style of rtt juggling for tons of things.

This is a game killer for me, I cant do any GPU simulations easily now.

You need to use rtt.renderTarget instead of the internalTexture:

In previous versions a frameBuffer was not represented well and mixed with texture preventing an easy native/webgpu interpretation.

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Im losing context now after running for a while but I bet thats a memory leak of my own fault. Thank you.

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Actually this is interesting, any idea why I might be losing context?

these sims used to be stable.

Adding @Evgeni_Popov who did quite a few changes in this area lately :slight_smile:

This PR will fix the problem: