Thought: Playground Branch-App - Tour This Series of PG's

Hi gang. Does the title of this post… say it all?

Recently, I have been fascinated by the “feature” of being able to render multiple scenes to same canvas, and how viewports might get involved. AND, I’m still thinking about GUI ViewportControl… but… not important… yet.

Multiple engines to same canvas, too? One engine to multiple canvai? I’m SO confused. :slight_smile:

IF we all “dreamed-up” a “branch-app” of the playground… that COULD be a nice “tour-around in THIS series of playgrounds”… what might that interface look-like? Got opinions?

Could we display thumbnail canvases (canvai?) of previous 5 playgrounds and next 5 playgrounds (if available in the PG database)?

Could we keep the GUI… workable for mobile devices… who use two-thumb touch-screening nav? (rather big buttons)

It is unlikely that we could allow “swipe”, because the thumb-nailed scenes need time to load-in and render. Swipe is too fast. :slight_smile:

What might “jump forward/backward 10 scenes” GUI controls… look-like? (Try to keep two-thumbing on mobile touch-screen… easy)

I THINK the GUI buttons on this playground… are big enough to do 2-thumb-nav on mobiles… so the GUI from that pg… might be used as a starter. I haven’t tested GUI 2d on mobile devices much at all. A basic 4-borders-of-buttons PG - click here.

BUT… hmm… perhaps HTML controls for the “touring app”? Make the app more webpage than BJS scene? Maybe that’s the way to go. An 11-canvas webpage… one big canvas, 10 thumbnail-sized? I dunno. Thinkin’. :slight_smile:

What might we want… IF we COULD plan/install a “tour this playground series” sub-app for our current PG app?

Anyone have thoughts? Thx.

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The holographic buttons example on the playground always got me thinking about something like that, so here is a holographic playground selector :slightly_smiling_face::


That looks/works GREAT, G! I (and others) really like it, and the idea.

Is everything still clickable on cellphone? Big enough buttons? Does it need stylus pen? Know? (maybe others will answer/test, too). Thx for the demo/idea!

A little reminder to thinkers/designers… we won’t have any thumbnail pics available. I’d like to browse-around in a single series of playgrounds… you know… especially handy when the fragment ID’s get into the #400+. I think we even have some PG series… with frags #1000+. (over 1000 versions/re-saves of THAT playground-series).

Anyone ever thought about a playground database “cleaner”? Dunno if possible. Probably not.

I know we have some old physics-demo playgrounds still around… ones that use setPhysicsState(). That function died in a snowblower accident about 3 years ago… but we remember it well, via our playground database. :slight_smile: Rest-itution in peace, setPhysicsState()

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Thanks Wingnut; it’s a great challenge to get something like a series browser to work. It took ages to get this to work:

It’s similar to the fist link (which does work on mobile with fingers, to answer your question), except it loads the series like you actually meant. You can click on the button and enter a fragment from which to start loading (it loads the previous ones from that point) (e.g. TAZ2CB#60). It will try to load 60 fragments. The thumbnail pictures are made from live scenes.

It creates the thumbnail picture after 2 rendered frames, but for physics playground it may be interesting to do it after a number of physics steps or seconds.


You are SUCH a God, G! Holy crap! That is amazing! (Wingy dances around like an idiot).


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