How do i navigate a playgound on my phone?

If i open up a playground on my phone its near impossible to see the scene.
Is there a special trick i dont know?
A fullscreen mode?

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This was address on the old forum. Here’s the topic:

The solution is here.


Yes there is it is on the settings menu at the top of the playground, however this does not solve the issue for the playground you reference. Like you on a mobile I get a blank scene but not on a desktop. The solution for this PG could well lie in Galen’s post.

Here is a PG that does work on a mobile as do most others I have tried.

Though I have also found the examples button does not seem to work on a mobile.

I agree. The playground needs some work to be more user friendly on phones. A good start would be to make a button on the top menu to easily toggle between editor and scene.

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I should also mention that I’m only getting 2 to 4 fps on my phone for that PG you linked to. (LG G7 thinQ)

The PG doesn’t work for my phone either, Huawei mate 10, Android 8.0.0, Chrome for android 73.0.3683.90

That being said, you can always use the frame.html page to avoid loading the editor

Maybe a button would be nice to have, as adam mentioned

Can’t agree more.
Pinging @PatrickRyan to capture that idea for our upcoming playground redesign

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The tab idea is great for utilizing the phone form factor. Does anyone feel that the need to constantly tap between tabs may be annoying and/or slow down your work. I am not sure how people are leveraging their mobile devices for developing in the playground, so any insights into how you use your devices would be great. I would love to know things like:

  • Are you using your mobile device as a primary development tool?
  • Are you developing on a mobile device for mobile deployment?
  • Are you just doing things like riffing on an idea when you don’t have a desktop available (like on public transit) or are you purposefully choosing to develop on a mobile device?
  • Are there any annoyances beyond the script/canvas viewing that are making mobile development difficult?

Any insights will help as we look at refreshing the rest of our sites. Thanks for your input.

Personally, I only use it to check how something looks/feels/works, occationally for debugging while connected to my PC

Never tried or would want to try any development work on a mobile. When am at a time or place when desktop not convenient might check out forum user’s demo in the playground.

Also fyi, we just added a qr code in the settings drop down so if you want to quickly jump to the frame.html version on your phone you should be able to scan that.

Be nice if the onscreen keyboard didn’t quash the view window on mobile.

Translucent keyboard overlay maybe? 2007 is calling.