Thoughts on the Golberg Icosahedral from a non - coder :)

I’m not a coder, never have been, even as the forum becomes more code oriented. But this topic by @KGersen and solution by @JohnK attracted my attention :

Icosahedral creation

So, I thought lets do it with Blender. A result here Icosahedral

Nothing very fancy - just a little bit of passage creation after the initial creation of the Icosahedral.

So how did I do it :

  1. Activate a plug-in that comes with Blender 2.9 by : Edit-> Preferences->search Addons with the letters “geo” and activate the addon “Add Mesh, Geodesic Dome” (See Image 1)

  2. Now with a basic empty scene in the Modelling Tab : Add->Mesh->Geodesic Dome. A little tab pops up on bottom left of the screen and a tetrahedron gets added to the scene - click on it and you see a list of parameters you can modify. (See Image 2)

  3. Modify the parameters :
    a) Chose Class 1 or Class2 under Class,
    b) Under “Hedron” chose “Icosahedron”,
    c) Under “Shape” chose “hex”.

$. Now you can play with other settings (Click the little arrows at each end of the box):
a) Frequency will change the number of “faces”
b) Radius will change the size
c) Eccentricity will change the area in XY plane (red, green lines)
d) Squish will raise or lower the vertical size (Z in Blender)
e) Play with other settings to get some quite different shapes !

Just for fun, I then created tunnels and joined them at the centre. It got me thinking of sci-fi movies, spaceships and 3D mazes.

Maybe one day @Deltakosh will add a “simple tutorials and tips” category as I 'm not sure it really is a “Demo or Project”.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Image 1.

Image 2.


Done my dear:)


@Deltakosh Ahh, merci beaucoup monsieur :slight_smile:

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

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