Tibetan Rugs Exhibition at Meta Pyramids by MetaDojo

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We are glad to introduce our new 3D Space :blush:

Link - https://portal.metadojo.io/dojo/preview/S8nAm

“Changphel” in Tibetan means “Northern Tibetan wool”. It is also the precious raw material used by the handcrafted Tibetan rug workshop owned by Atelier Changphel, a high-end interior lifestyle brand rooted in the culture of Tibet and fusing the Tibetan tradition with modern aesthetic to deliver premium creations that belong to the world of today.

Atelier Changphel represents thousand years long cultures and traditions, but the team behind it are forward thinkers. Not only that they started a Web3 collection featuring Bored Ape and CryptoPunks NFT, they have gone one step ahead planning for retailing in the metaverse.

When they approached the MetaDojo team for collaboration, we came up with the idea of hosting a metaverse exhibition while working on their own Dojo as their future metaverse store. A combination of ancient cultures and futuristic thinking, Meta Pyramids became the perfect place to host one of our community events — an immersive experience of luxury handmade Tibetan rugs.

More info in Medium article - https://metadojo.medium.com/back-to-the-future-experiencing-premium-tibetan-rugs-the-metaverse-way-d171b7596887

If you would like to dig a bit deeper into the cultural meaning and aesthetic appreciation of these magnificent rugs, we have a guided tour video that walks you through each single one of them.

Virtual Tour

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Woot! This is quite impressive!

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@PirateJC Here is our Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetaDojo_IO

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@labris you rock !!! this is really a cool experience !!!

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I love that we get to showcase such a beautiful 3D space. Awesome read here Andrei!!

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@labris Fantastic work! I love it! I’ll get this set up into the tweet schedule! I might send it out on Monday morning. FYI

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This is a great idea @labris. Way to go.

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