MetaDojo Alpha Launch

Hello friends, we are ready to welcome pilot users to trial our Dojos!

To mark the alpha launch of our Web2 solution, eight stunning new Dojos are premiered covering different architectural styles, ranging from neo-gothic to contemporary, from art deco to retro futuristic. Make sure to visit our official website at and jump into each one of them to have an immersive experience yourself!

The direct portal link:

The Mission upon which MetaDojo is built states “Contributing to the transformation of the internet economy and social interactions from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0”. To achieve this overarching mission, one of the three aspects of our Vision is “Assisting Web 3.0 mass adoption by offering website-integrable 3D virtual worlds to individuals, businesses and organizations”.

MetaDojo has foreseen the long-tailed adoption curve of Web3 and under the current market conditions, we believe that it is imperative for Web3 projects to first build solutions that help bridge the gap between existing internet platforms and the decentralized world. And that is exactly what we are doing with our Web2 solution.
Our desire is for our users to introduce the new dimension of the metaverse by having their own functional 3D space (what we call ‘Dojos’), directly embedded in their website and/or social media platforms. They own this Dojo in the form of NFT. In this little world, the owner will be able to customize many elements of the Dojo without any technical skills, display images, NFTs and videos, interact with and reward visitors, and host social events. And all this is done with the help of Babylon.js!

Looking for something bigger and grander for your business or community? Our team is working on a few larger spaces that are perfect for AMA, expo and conferences, you can see some past examples here. Contact with clear partnership proposals.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them here!


Very cool, I am jealous of how well the avatars are working :slightly_smiling_face: Nice and easy to launch and get in to.

The video on your site with the one reflecting in the water and all the speakers in the center looks super impressive too. Are you using colyseus for the connectivity?


Wow! Super impressive :star_struck:
It really looks pretty on the desktop :slight_smile:
Should it be working on mobile too?
When I tried visiting
on my mobile phone in Chrome I get this white-black flickering screen

And it looks like it’s about to crash. But maybe my mobile phone is too weak to handle this :slight_smile:


Looks awesome. :heart_eyes:
However, right now I seem unable to get the full experience.
Could you check i.e. this link, see if you get the same bug I have:

I have this in several scenes/experiences, yet not all of 'em.
The funny thing is that this bug sort of rings a bell to me towards this post from @potato_noob sent this week-end. Do you have the same and could it all be related (to a latest update)?


Wooot impressive !!! cc @PirateJC


Congrats on this milestone @labris!

Let us know if we can help spread the word!


Love them all. I manage to make some #MetaDojoStories with these avatars! I like that it has a Live Chat Box to talk while walking around dojos!

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We are always thrilled to pieces with your tweets :slight_smile:
Our Twitter is

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Yes please!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
For avatar movement we use GitHub - ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController: A CharacterController for BabylonJS , with some modifications.

Yes, at this stage we are using Colyseus. One may check multiuser functionality - just open in browser several tabs of the same dojo.

I’ll make the next post about it, with live demo!

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Thanks for your kind words!

We have limited mobile support (as well as some mobile assets optimization), so it should work, but weak devices still may have some problems.


Could you kindly tell which browser do you use?
Would issue disappear after page reloading?
Here is what I have at the initial screen (Chrome browser).

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yes, well I was just using my old compatibility rig. It’s an old MacPro with an old radeon GPU and an outdated chrome version (Version 103.0.5060.134 (x86_64)). Obvisously, the bug does not occur on safari, firefox or newer version Chrome for Mac or Win (At least, not for the other and newer versions I have). It’s still a bit weird because it doesn’t occur everywhere and 99.9% of all BJS scenes and demos I view with this setting work like a charm. May be something around a shader not supported by these old drivers or the GPU? Reloading the scene didn’t change anything.



@PirateJC Thanks a lot!

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Amazing community. Thanks for the post and tweet!


I love the music on the Changphel exhibit, it’s so chill :slight_smile:
Also, feature suggestion: let us pet the animals :smiley:
Also really like the architectures of the previews, very #aesthetic


Yes, we are :grin: :laughing: And you’re welcomed :hugs:

I’ll put it into our future features :slight_smile:

Thank you!
We do put a lot of attention into architectural styles and details. Here is the presentation from our Art Director Meng of her concepts behind all alpha launch dojos.


Yes, I noticed that. Tell Art Director Meng your team did a great job in this aspect too :clap: