Our blockchain project is looking for Game Developer & 3D Artist

Hello all,

I am the Co-founder of MetaDojo, a blockchain project aims at building up metaverse native economy by providing users with ready-to-use NFT premises (Dojos) that can be deployed to any open metaverse or website. Our office is based in New Zealand with flexible remote working arrangements.

We’re now looking for

  1. Experienced game developer with good understanding of BJS: Game Developer Job in Auckland - SEEK
  2. Experienced 3D artist (generalist): 3D Artist Job in Auckland - SEEK

Hey Allan, we are an NYC-based studio working on GameFi projects, launching our first NFT sale later this month. I’d love to connect for a potential partnership: superxishuai@gmail.com

Hey @superX ,

Thank you for reaching out. Does your project have website or any other doc that I can refer to?

I’d be happy to share more info in private. Can you please shoot me an email first?

Thanks @superX .

Please send to allan.liang@metadojo.io

awesome, just shoot you an email.