TikTok Live Integration

I implemented a Tiktok Live integration into my project, using the GitHub - zerodytrash/TikTok-Live-Connector: Node.js library to receive live stream events (comments, gifts, etc.) in realtime from TikTok LIVE. library.

It was very simple, I just set it up to run in the backend and then send the chat messages to the frontend.

All I need to do is add the url param tiktok=streamerUsername and any time w , a ,s , or d is typed in that streamer’s chat, it changes the player’s direction. Any chat or any gift can be used to trigger any action, but I just used walking for this demo.


Never heard of this plugin, looks sick :fire:

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Thanks! You can try it yourself here: BYD Metaverse

Just replace “caseohgames” with anyone who is live on TikTok, then go in their live and type the commands.

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really cool !!!

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