Live streaming video texture

Here’s a demo that streams from a live DASH server into a video texture.

I just found some German streams. I don’t know what they’re saying but hopefully its nice things


They are talking about a house which is now used as a apple juice production. The operator used to be a systems analyst and wanted to get back into nature… or something in that way. I didn’t listen well to him because my focus layed on the source code… :slight_smile:


DASH streaming doesn’t work on iOS devices so I made a demo using the HLS protocol as well.

I can’t get the playground to work. I’m having problems accessing functions from external scripts. The playground is here

You can see a demo of it here I’m using the live Al-Jazeera stream and it runs fine on my iPhone too.

I got HLS working!


You on :fire: Rocker! : )

HLS files have .m3u8 extension. There’s a whole bunch of them which are publicly available, like on this list here:

There are some restrictions though. If the website is HTTPS then you can only play HTTPS streams. Also some streams cannot be accessed by outside players. Periscope streams are HLS but if you try to access them outside of the Periscope website/app then it’ll say unauthorised access.

Best way to test if the stream is still up is to add an HLS player extension to your Chrome browser, then you can type .m3u8 files in the browser and it’ll play it right there, however, this will work even with private streams like Periscope


Thanks for sharing! It’s really useful. More information on this might be available on free account site.

Loving it :slight_smile:

Updated playground to work with latest Babylon.js


This is fantastic! Any idea on how to get this to work on a 360-Sphere/VideoDome?

For the curious – I got it working for 360 video. Had to use a simple sphere instead of a VideoDome object. Otherwise, all else is the same.

Pretty Neat! I’m guessing since you use the <video> tag maybe a way to add some JS to separate the audio feed? So then you could do positional audio, maybe even setup multiple "speakers’? Sorta like in real life people have setups with multiple speakers.

Also I was kinda wonder what would happen if you played a 3D Movie in BJS. I seen an app on the Oculus Quest that lets you rent 3D movies like the Titanic. Watched the trailer and was pretty impressed.