TIP: Using FontAwesome, Fontello, etc to draw on GUI and meshes

This is not a problem, but a solution!

If you want to import and use icon fonts like FontAweseme, Fontello or generated yourself, here are 2 PGs that show using with a GUI:


and on a mesh:


On a regular web project, you just add loading the css as if you want to use the icon font in your regular HTML

Hope this helps!

Created by advise of @Wingnut


Unfortunatelly for me is not working.

But FontAwsome should work in playground without injection.
Simply use unicode.


Thanks for that, never knew FontAwesome is available in the playground.

Always used custom icon fonts, so used FontAwesome as a recognizable general name.

What happens if you increase the timer in the setTimeout()? Any errors in the console?

Yes, It is working with 1000 :wink:

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