Fontawesome and the BJS GUI

I have been using a fontawesome webkit for quickly sketching my gui icons in BJS. But the default webkit courtesy of fa just takes ages to load so I thought I would quickly serve the needed parts myself. Unfortunately, it seems that when I’m serving fa myself, the unicode will not work with my ‘simple button’.
Any ideas of what I could have missed to quickly make this work (knowing that this was a temporary solution by any means). Thanks,

Quick answer for a quick question :slightly_smiling_face:

Check for Cross origin resource sharing (CORS) errors

I use Fontawesome CSS with no GUI and no problems :slight_smile: like here - Mu-so Wood Edition 3D
For Javascript files you need to wait for the file to be loaded before attempting to access it.
Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

yes, i’m able to do that as well but i wanted to keep with my GUI and I have no cors error (and no more cross-origin since I’m serving myself from the same server/directory… I will continue to investigate a little…

For whatever solution there might be, I have been fiddling with this for about 1h then decided to give it up.
Replaced everything with SVG. Why would anyone want to load a 600kb webkit that can be replaced with less than 15kb of SVG assets?:wink: I only found this technique interesting for sketching.
This topic is closed for me now. Not worth digging more into it. Thanks for your support and have an awesome day,

Thanks so much for taking the time but then really the question was
'How do I bring this in a BJS 2D GUI control, say an ImageOnlyButton (for SVG) or a simpleButton (as a webfont)?
I don’t think you should spend time on this though. I could have gone with the HTML gui and that would have been it, right?