meshWrite-font : about Chinese font

I used meshwrite&meshwrite-font to build a Chinese font, but I seem to have encountered some problems.
The numbers and letters in the generated font can be used, but the Chinese characters are displayed incorrectly

maybe you can download any Chinese font from here :

Hello! Can you provide us with a playground ( reproduction so we can look better into this? :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile: Are you still having issues, and if so, can you provide us with a playground repro? @ecojust

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First of all, thank you for your continued attention to this issue;
I think the point of the question is not how to show it through PG;

Even if I reproduce them through PG, you can only see the following code。

import MeshWriter from 'MeshWriter'
var Writer = MeshWriter(scene, {scale:scale,defaultFont:"Arial"});
text1  = new Writer( 

If you don’t build a Chinese font library into meshwrite by yourself, it is difficult for you to understand the problem
I did some of the above operations, and finally felt that even if I added a custom Chinese font to meshwrite, its effect was still very poor, just like the screenshot I took before.

Yeah, without a reproduction that sets up the Chinese font it will be difficult for us to help as we won’t be able to see the issue :slight_smile:

I took a closer look at the use of the tool and it didn’t generate the correct custom font before

But my operation this time is really no different from the previous operation

Therefore, there is no problem with the Chinese font at present, it was my fault before, I am very sorry


thanks a lot for letting us know :slight_smile: