To draw a zone with react-babylon

Hi, the team I need to draw a zone/shape (a shape with min coordinates of 3 and a max of 10 ) and need to fill a color inside the shape, and need to change the shape coordinates by dragging it. On an obj model

I used lines but it’s not possible to achieve the same using it

coordinates example will be [x,y.z]

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This is really hard to understand what you are trying to achieve from your description :frowning: Could you create a playground highlighting your issues ?

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Hi please find the codesand box link for the same
codesand box link

here I have uploaded an obj file of the car, now I need to draw a shape(zone/shape (a shape with min coordinates of 3 and a max of 10 ) on the car and the coordinates of the vertices of the shape

I am sorry I still do not get what you call drawing a shape on the car :frowning: do you have a drawing of what the result would look like ? do you mean using decals ?

Here the car is just any obj model it can be anything and I have drawn multiple shapes in the eg file
need to draw that kind of shape/ figure in an obj or mtl model

This will help Decals | Babylon.js Documentation

I need to import a playground with a map of a particular place(import obj of the map if the UK for example ). : we are possible to import the obj object of car/ map

then I need to mark two particular places on the map(it can be any shape with a minimum 3 to 10 coordinates for (x,y,z) ) and

I need to travel from marked zone A to some B road (road coordinates are given in the obj object map)