Hey there could just be me

but ive tried :


and the same for TONEMAPPING_ACES

all which result in undefined. Not sure if im not understanding something in your docs? They say this is one shared config on the scene , all other use a reference to it … so I tried the scene. The docs also list it as a static prop of ImageProcessingPostProcess , so I tried that.

Searching playgrounds I found places where people wrote the constants as lowercase , I tried that. same result.

SO maybe when someone has time they can look into it, no train smash as I know they just map to numbers so for ACS I just set toneMappingType equal to 1 and it is sorted.

anyway that again gents

it should be in the playground:

BABYLON.ImageProcessingConfiguration.TONEMAPPING_ACES or _STANDARD

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ah my reference was wrong , i had :


you have :


which is obviously correct

I had too many API doc pages open and got muddled here …too many days with little sleep is starting to take a toll on me i see haha. Very sorry for wasting your time.

np :wink: